Council Passes Motion Opposing UBE Options A-D

Well, after hearing from a very passionate public over the last month, council last night passed the following motion regarding the UBE.

North Fraser Perimeter Road / United Boulevard Extension

WHEREAS in response to concerns expressed at public consultation meetings; AND WHEREAS New Westminster City Council is concerned over intrusive impacts on residential neighbourhoods;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT TransLink be requested to continue with public consultation and planning in relation to the North Fraser Perimeter Road corridor and United Boulevard Extension project;

THAT TransLink be encouraged to seek an extension of their Federal funding grant;

THAT Council does not support Options A, B, C or D at this time, and that the City reaffirms its position regarding the entire route and mitigation of North Fraser Perimeter Road (as resolved in 2007);

THAT TransLink be requested to work with city staff and the community at large to develop alternative design options for the extension of United Boulevard and its connection with Brunette Avenue; and

THAT TransLink be requested to formally approve removal of the existing commercial truck route designation from the following city streets:

– East Eighth Avenue – McBride Boulevard to East Columbia Street

– East Columbia Street – Brunette Avenue to Braid Street.

6 thoughts on “Council Passes Motion Opposing UBE Options A-D

  1. In the NewsLeader Williams said, “We’ve made a decision to make no decision… We’ve made a decision to wait and see.”

    What? Wait and see? It would seem to me that what New Westminster needs is strong decision-making and looking out for our community, not passivity.

  2. That is the beauty of Lori Williams’ mind. A puzzle wrapped in a mystery.
    Even the most elementary of issues is far too complex for what passes as a noggin.
    She has a good heart but whoa, that grey matter is pretty grey.
    Whatever masquerades as a process in there has long passed its
    “best before date”.
    She is New Westminster’s equivalent to Monty Python’s “Minister of Silly Walks”.
    Sounds like a good candidate to take care of New Westminster’s Transportation Plan.
    She just gives the puppet master Harper three votes, her’s, Cote’s and his own . Often times Jamie(I never saw a public dollar I couldn’t spend) McEvoy gives his to Harper also.

  3. New West is getting hammered in the Coquitlam media for this stupid decision to stall and mayor Stewart is on the war path for these renegers !

    Ofcourse Wayne Wright was unavailable for comment to the Tri-City news. He’s only available to media who receives city dollars.

  4. Island option makes sense
    The Record Saturday, January 24, 2009 Dear Editor:

    Since the closure of the Pattullo Bridge (due to fire on the Surrey side of the structure), the traffic in New Westminster has immediately and dramatically improved: on Royal Avenue, McBride Boulevard, Eighth Avenue and 10th Avenue, traffic flow is good.

    I hope the minister, in conjunction with New Westminster city officials, recognize this and have another serious look at Option 4 of TransLink’s Pattullo corridor study – an option that calls for the construction of the replacement bridge to be aligned with Sapperton Island and tie into United Boulevard and Lougheed Highway, as well as the freeway.

    With Coquitlam’s development plans and potential, the current population numbers out their way and the geographic size and strategic location of our neighbouring municipality, in comparison to New Westminster, they are far better poised to receive expanded traffic volumes.

    For 71 years, New Westminster has hosted major regional traffic flows, but we do not have and will not have adequate ability to accommodate the added traffic capacity of a six-lane bridge.

    Keeping in mind that New Westminster will still have the Alex Fraser and Queensborough volumes and will likely continue to handle much of the Port Mann traffic, in terms of forward-thinking, good regional planning, in order to maximize limited resources and address current and future commuter needs, the new bridge should not reconnect with an already congested city; it should be positioned to optimize future commercial and residential growth patterns.

    The current traffic flow on 20th Street also needs to be addressed.

    I would like to thank the New Westminster city staff for raising the engineering report on the Pattullo corridor study – preliminary findings and next steps, at their recent city council meeting.

    This is a subject that warrants the immediate attention of all New Westminster citizens.

    Paul Johansen, New Westminster

    Read more:

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