A citizen asks: “where’s the briefs?”

A local resident has informed the Express editorial team that there’s nowhere in New Westminster’s Uptown area to buy men’s underwear.

This may seem like a small issue to many readers of the Express, but it may be indicative of deeper issues in the local retail community.

Women’s underwear is apparently readily available in the Uptown. And dollar stores seem to abound. But “where’s the briefs?”

We’ll admit that men’s underwear and its availability is not something we’ve really thought much about before.

But you would think, in a city the size of New Westminster, that a well-functioning commercial area would be able to meet consumer demand for a basic item like men’s underwear.

So we really do need to ask: Is there is an uncracked niche market for men’s underwear just itching to wedge itself into the Uptown?

We don’t know the answer to that question. But if anyone knows if or where you can buy men’s underwear in the Uptown, please let us know.

If the absence of men’s underwear can be ascertained beyond the shadow of a doubt then it may just be a canary in a coal mine indicative of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

5 thoughts on “A citizen asks: “where’s the briefs?”

  1. The city should commission a “gonch poll” right away to uncover the full extent of the problem and get to the bottom of the issue.

  2. Back when the B.C.Pen was still in operation, there was a 5’3″ clairvoyant who escaped.
    The headline in the Columbian newspaper boldly stated:
    It seems we now have the opposite happening, that there are NO SMALLS, MED……. you get the point.
    However, the same could be said of some other items. Men’s suits?
    Lawn fertilizer? A new fridge?
    I am sure there are others.

  3. New Westminster will allow the sale of briefs as soon as somebody comes up with a model that allows you to swing only to the left.

  4. You’ve raised a really good question in a lighthearted way. What needs should local retailers be able to meet?

    If retailers can’t meet basic community needs in one of the city’s main business and retail areas then someone needs to ask why not and then ask what the city needs to do to make it possible for retailers to thrive in this town.

  5. Good to hear a topic Voiced in a humourous ‘Tongue in Cheeks’format.
    Until our economic development department and left swinging council stops sitting on their depends, we will see little change.
    Wallmart has mens underwear as does A&N. Oh! I forgot I think there is a CUPE boycott against shopping Wallmart.
    Salvation Army has some with a lower money back warranty.
    Kidding aside, if our economic development department were to recognize business associations and their menbers I am sure a PROMO wish list could be generated as to what is needed in New West. Advertise it as New West Needs…. and seek input. I am sure existing retailers would not only jump on it but it just may attract new retailers. You may not only have mens underwear, but suits, socks, hardware and appliances. The other side of the coin is New Westies would have to support local businesses which would encourage anchor retail businesses to locate here. At a $1.30 litre gas prices I would sooner shop local as sit in gridlock getting to Burnaby or Coquitlam.
    Maybe one of the local newspapers could champion the cause if our Economic developement department is to busy.

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