13 thoughts on “Voice sends a letter to the Premier re: the High School

  1. Good work Voice. Somebody had to have the guts to say it!. This is all politics. The little visit to the Chilcotin by Puck-mire, Carole James, and guess who? – Laurie Watt, shows the giant political game being played. Was Watt sent by the School Board? Just who did she represent? Was it with the approval of the School Board? If so, what was the purpose of the visit? The agenda here is pretty clear. The NDP wants to create a wedge issue because the Gov’t has,
    in effect, stolen their thunder on aboriginal issues. Meanwhile the children and families of New West get stiffed again. Thanks, Chuck and Laurie.

  2. Hmmm, isn’t it interesting to note that the Record removed the references to ChuckPuck and the district labour council when they published your letter.
    It’s good to know we can go to the source, your site, to read the uncensored letter. Censorship is alive and well.

  3. Voice New Westminster recognizes and appreciates the fact that the letter was printed.
    The Royal City Record staff read the blog postings on this site. They have replied once before to a blog posted on THE EXPRESS.
    Perhaps they would like to offer an explanation as to why the letter was not printed in it’s entirety.
    The letter was sent to the Premier.

  4. I often wonder why the local media in New West seems reluctant to ask the tough questions of our local elected officials here in New West.

    Should the media not be digging into issues such as the 12th St. Society? Instead they seem to publish the issues VOICE raises after the fact instead of doing their journalistic homework and finding and breaking the story.

    I am sorry I am not confident in the work of the local press here in New West. Thank god for the power of the internet!

  5. I joined Voice because they made clear to me, and others, the political games going on at all three levels of gov’t. The tie-in at all three levels is disgusting.
    The M.P.s., the MLA, and the Mayor and his Labor Council buddies aka The Fudge City Bobbleheads (also throw in Karaoke Cal) have ruined this city with their wacko density without benefits agenda.
    High taxes, unsafe streets, rotting infrastructure, closing amenities, gee-whiz Mr. Fudge-man, we’re really moving forward.
    Meanwhile, we have a paper, happy to promote it all, as long as they get their weekly advertising.

  6. The Record removed a key sentence from your letter to the Premier (the sentence referencing Rip Van Puchmayr, the Invisible MLA) but they left in a sentence explaining who Voice is which is not something that needs to be explained to people in New Westminster. If the Record needed to shorten the letter for printing why didn’t they remove the irrelevant sentence explaining who Voice is and leave the meaningful sentence about Puchmayr in place?

  7. Are local Newspapers Unionized? If so perhaps there is a reluctance to ask the tough questions if it may involve labour backed politicians.

  8. Why doesn’t VOICE publish a list of Development Cost Levies charged in other municipalities?

    Why are we giving things away??

  9. Blair Armitage in his letter to the Premier regarding the problems plaguing the high school says “I ask that you…..take whatever steps necessary to see that the needs of all concerned parties are met, and that construction of the new high school and a west side middle school are completed in an expedited fashion.”. As one of the important “concerned parties” in this matter, I am sure that the Tsilhqot’in Nation is very pleased to know that Mr. Armitage is calling upon the Premier to resolve the matter to their satisfaction

  10. To Supersapper,
    It is clear that the remains of Chief. Ahan are not on the School site, despite what Puch-Mire and his puppet Laurie Watt say.
    Move on!! That is what I take Armitage is saying.
    There are always hidden agendas in these things. What do the Tsilhqot’in really want? What are the real issues here? We know what the real issues for Puch-Mire, Watt, Harper, James, Ewen ank their ilk are.
    Move on!! Build the school!
    I agree with Armitage. He said to make sure their needs are met, not their wants.

  11. Good on Voice for calling on the premier to expedite the high school/Chief Ahan situation. It is mind boggling that the school board did not take a lead position in calling for the same. If their job isn’t to advocate for the staff and students of New Westminster, what is it? At least we know that their main priority is not to embarrass their buddy Chuck. And why is Chuck going to Williams Lake for talks about Chief Ahan and disputing the research that would get the school projects moving? And why is school trustee Lori Watt going with him? It makes no sense, unless she is prepping to be the next NDP MLA candidate. They need to stop hindering and start helping. This is disgraceful. Absolutely, get on with building the school! Sappy-droors, give your head a shake.

  12. To pencampwr:

    Maybe Chuck is planning to run for office in the Caribou/Tsilhquot’in region. Clearly, their interests are more important to him than are the interests of New Westminster voters, or students, or school staff people, and the same goes for school trustee Lori Watt. Her comments in the paper were also damaging, not helpful, to getting the schools built. And to boot, why was opposition leader Carole James presenting a certificate to the Tsilhquot’in to recognize their chiefs? I don’t know what, but if you ask me, something larger is going on here and the students of New Westminster have been turned into pawns for a larger political game, whatever that might be. The bottom line is, local politicians should always focus on the best interests of their constituents, and this is not happening here in New Westminster. But why? One thing is sure, this is not over by a long shot. I, for one, will be watching closely.

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