Sapperton Day: Another Community Success Story

Congratulations to the Sapperton Day Street Festival organizers for another fantastic Sapperton Day Festival. The event was masterminded by the Sapperton Business Association’s directors Guy Ciprian and Marnie Kurylo.

Once again Wesgroup and co-hosts the McBride Sapperton Residents’ Association (MSRA) along with their volunteer staff started the day off with the event’s pancake breakfast. The pancake breakfast is really a great example of residents, developer, and other local businesses working together for the benefit of the community. Many local businesses, some outside of New Westminster, donated supplies for the breakfast.

Local realtor, Steve Kasper, could be seen flipping pancakes while MSRA directors mixed batter, flipped pancakes, cooked sausages and served breakfasts. The MSRA reported that they served over 400 breakfasts and raised over $1600 for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. This year, because of the ongoing street work some new entertainment was incorporated while others were not able to be a part of the event. Highlights of the day included the Vancouver Circus School & its “Inner Ring”, the Knot’s, the Real Canadian Rock Band, Korki the Clown, Extreme Trike Race (sponsored by Caps) Silent Auction, The Sapperton Royal Express Train, Tin Lizzie Donuts and over 97 local vendors.

Throughout the day the Silent Auction generated over $1400 for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. The MSRA directors sold 50/50 tickets, draws were held every hour on the hour, to raise funds for the E. Columbia Sidewalk Mosaics that will be incorporated into the new sidewalks. The MSRA reported that their 50/50 sales raised $670 for the mosaic project. The Sapperton Business Association is projecting that the event raised between $9,000 and $10,000 for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundatin, the event charity.

Organizers have received compliments from city council, local media and more importantly the Sapperton residents. They have also received reports back from the police that they were impressed the event went off, once again, with out any situations. Shaw’s, “The Express”, did a remote broadcast which was aired June 15th. Attendance again hit a record capacity.

Special thanks to Senator Yonah Martin, announcer John Ashbridge, Adam Popowitz, SASS and the Teamsters (local 31).

One thought on “Sapperton Day: Another Community Success Story

  1. What a great community based event!!
    Congratulations to everyone involved.
    Kudos to the MSRA and the many volunteers, and to the community for rallying around this growing event.

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