News Flash – Mayor Wright takes the stand

As we write this, Mayor Wright is reportedly on the stand in the New Westminster courthouse giving his testimony in the Windsor Hotel lawsuit.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as information comes in.

Until then, readers might want to check out the Newsleader article by Michael McQuillan who attended the trial earlier this week and filed a story about the testimony given by former Development Services Director Tim Whitehead.

McQuillan’s article is posted on the News Leader’s website and can be accessed by clicking here.

McQuillan recounts how Whitehead’s response to the numerous questions posed by Nirmal Walia’s lawyers was typically “I can’t recall.” This is consistent with the information we posted on Monday regarding the testimony Whitehead gave last week.

McQuillan also reports on a negative comment made by Whitehead about one of the city’s planning staff, namely Steven Scheving whose emails and reports Whitehead said were full of “tangents.”

Again, this corroborates the information we posted on Monday.

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “News Flash – Mayor Wright takes the stand

  1. If there was one thing that the court case brought out it was the absolute dysfunction both in the Development Services Departnent, and the Department of information Services.
    Another thing that was so obvious was that people were protecting their own hides and as someone said earlier, truth became the first casualty.

  2. A very mean and hurtful comment about Mr.Scheving. His reports are detailed but not tangential. Check for yourself. Mr. Scheving has devoted his life to the City and does not deserve this.

  3. To “Anonymous”, I would agree that Mr. Whitehead’s comments regarding Mr. Scheving were mean and hurtful. In any interactions I’ve had with Mr. Scheving I’ve always been incredibly impressed with his ability to recall the history and detail of variances, rezonings and all other planning issues.
    It is unfortunate that others involved in this case don’t seem to have the same memory that Mr. Scheving has.

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