Enjoying the summertime lull

Everyone deserves time off and the Express crew are no different. We hope everyone has been enjoying their well-deserved summer hiatus and making the most of the hot, sunny weather we’ve had in recent weeks.

But September is approaching fast and the cooler weather today is a reminder that summer is starting to wind down.

And despite the summertime lull, there is no shortage of issues requiring the attention and participation of the community.

Notable on the list of simmering issues are the school district capital project and the waterfront pier project.

Waste-to-energy is also back on the table at Metro Vancouver and concerns are being expressed about the implications for New Westminster.

The replacement of the Pattullo Bridge is also emerging as an issue requiring community attention with word that city hall has received a proposed bridge replacement plan from Translink and that Translink is awaiting a response from the city.

As summer winds down and we start returning to our posts we wanted to put some of these issues on people’s radar because September in really just days away now.

Best wishes to all from the Express and we hope everyone fully enjoys the rest of the summertime lull.

7 thoughts on “Enjoying the summertime lull

  1. Good points.
    There are many burning issues.
    Many require answers, and all we get is lip service from the City.
    The ongoing malfunctioning at the Moody Park Pool, the screw-ups at Moody Ice Rink, the financial boondoggle at the Pier Park, all of these make the fast ferries look like a stroke of genius.

  2. Hey Angry!!
    you missed Hyack Sq. Fire Hall, Legg Theater, or that millions is spent to block off the main roads so traffic goes through the residential neighborhoods. ….Someone should ask why a pool with 2 buildings can be built in 9 months yet a small addition for the Youth Center takes 13…… don’t we pay a mayor and council to ask these questions?

    Screw up happen but our council should be disgusted with themselves for letting it happen over and over. When a park can go from $25 million to $60 million without blinking an eye something is very wrong.

  3. Hi,
    When is the verdict in the Wallia court case coming, you know the deal gone bad that could end up costing us a few million ?

    Could you post it here so the public knows whats going on.

    Thank You Sir/Maddam

  4. Enjoy the summer lull how about the Voice lull, what happen to you guys? You are but a shadow of what you once were! There are so many pressing issues going on in this city and not a word from the Voice! Lead – follow – or get out of the way!

  5. To Anonymous from another Anonymous:

    Leadership? Really? Sorry, but you are seriously misguided. Check out Neil Powell’s credentials and continuing community involvement before you level criticism about Voice leadership. Second, the press does not often profile positive Voice activity in the local paper but Voice advocacy continues to look after community based interests with or without local news coverage. My advice to you is to get the facts and get involved.

  6. I think that the two negative “Anonymous” posts are made by the same person. I noticed the posts are 1 minute apart. Mmm, very interesting.

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