Walia vs. New Westminster Final Arguments

This summer we reported on the case of local businessman, Nirmal Walia, suing the City over the 12th Street Liquor Store relocation. After three weeks in court and various witnesses, City staff and elected officials, being called the case was adjourned until October 13, 2010. Three days were reserved for lawyers to present final arguments. This means that the last of the final arguments should be happening tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted as developments take place.

3 thoughts on “Walia vs. New Westminster Final Arguments

  1. Well Done Voice!! An official opposition is needed in the community to keep the local officials honest. I understand that quite a few of the city officials were called to the stand, what role and part did West end Councilor Osterman play in this fiasco and will the tax payers be on the hook for the multi million dollar bill when this court case is all over.

  2. Bob has the most experience in the council chamber, he turned a blind eye and let this happen. The Mayor, Bob and the rest of the councilors should pay the court and settlement costs not the tax payers.

  3. Not sorry for the loss of liquor seats in a town over-saturated with them but also am repulsed by the injustice committed to make it happen.

    No citizen should be constructively evicted from their business by elected politicians who subscribe to sneaky disingenuous process.

    It is important that the people of New Westminster are made aware of the unethical way our Mayor and Council conducted ‘city business’ and it is sad and hard to believe that not one of our elected folk stood up and openly objected to the whole rotten mess.

    Thank you to Voice for once again bringing yet another sad abuse of public office to the fore!

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