Yes, Virginia, slates do exist

A letter in today’s Record from New Westminster resident MaryAnn Mortensen (who, by the way, is not a Voice member) nicely counters the notion that a strong voice for accountability and transparency in civic affairs, and offering critical analysis of the issues facing our community, is not the same thing as being “negative” as some who are clearly very uncomfortable with the mere existence of Voice have simplistically tried to portray.

As Mortensen states in her letter, before moving to B.C. 13 years ago she lived in a much larger city where no one questioned the existence of municipal election slates or “dubbed them as negative because they opposed those in power.”

Despite the fact that the District Labour Council has run highly organized and well-resourced slates and slate campaigns in New Westminster for many years (all the while pretending their candidates are all “independents”), New Westminster remains a notable exception in the world of civic politics in maintaining the illusion and pretense that organized election slates don’t exist in the community.

Our thanks to MaryAnn Mortensen for weighing in on the subject and for addressing the question of slates thoughtfully and eloquently.